Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Darth Finished and Reel Updated

This is quite a while overdue. Below is the final resulting model of my Darth Vader concept.

The model was done almost entirely in Modo 401. I really love Modo for its selection algorithms and the action centers. The ability to copy and paste polygons as thought they were pixels is fantastic. If only the program could do vertex snapping and soft selection the way Maya does, it would be perfect. I also updated my reel to apply for some internships. Check it out.

Modeling Reel Spring 2010 from Noah Bench on Vimeo.

On there you can also see some of the characters I modeled for my thesis. For that project I am currently polishing my lighting set ups and set dressing. Unfortunately most of my work will only be obvious when the film is finally rendered but take a look at the work reel. It coming along quite nicely.

No Strings Attached - Work Reel from Group of Six on Vimeo.