Sunday, January 24, 2010

Fantastic Illustration!

I'm taking a class this semester called Fantastic Illustration. Our assignment was to take an existing story, twist it to fit a new look, create concept art for the characters and setting and finally produce a finished piece of artwork. I elected instead to create a 3D model of my concepts.

Since I love Star Wars, I chose to do a steam-punk Darth Vader. Really though, its just a mash up of Darth Vader and a Big Daddy from Bioshock. While the final model is still in progress, here's some concept stuff:

The first concept for Darth

Sketch of the final concept

Sketch of Luke

Luke final concept. Bear in mind I haven't painted since I was 12 and the assignment called for wet medium.

Darth final concept. This is what I'll be modeling in the coming weeks. So far its coming along nicely.

First Blog

Howdy! My name is Noah. I'm currently a student in the School of Film & Animation at RIT. I'm slated to graduate this May.

Currently, I'm hard at work on my thesis project. It is my responsibility to produce the 3D models for 2 separate films. I'll post more about these later.

Apart from school work, I am also busy applying to graduate school. In fact, I just sent my application to Carnegie Mellon yesterday.

Ultimately, though, my goal is to work in feature films as a 3D modeler.

Soon I'll begin blogging about my work. I'll put up pictures of my models and talk a bit about my methodology.