Sunday, January 24, 2010

Fantastic Illustration!

I'm taking a class this semester called Fantastic Illustration. Our assignment was to take an existing story, twist it to fit a new look, create concept art for the characters and setting and finally produce a finished piece of artwork. I elected instead to create a 3D model of my concepts.

Since I love Star Wars, I chose to do a steam-punk Darth Vader. Really though, its just a mash up of Darth Vader and a Big Daddy from Bioshock. While the final model is still in progress, here's some concept stuff:

The first concept for Darth

Sketch of the final concept

Sketch of Luke

Luke final concept. Bear in mind I haven't painted since I was 12 and the assignment called for wet medium.

Darth final concept. This is what I'll be modeling in the coming weeks. So far its coming along nicely.

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