Thursday, September 15, 2011

My Current Work

It's been a while! My work on Ethereal is currently complete and the game is now, largely out of my hands. I'm back at school and working on something totally different, called Crescendo.

Crescendo is a client based project working with Smilegate, a Korean game developer. Smilegate would like us to create an experience for children and families that encourages cooperation, brings people together, and gives players the feeling of playing real instruments without requiring them to have the skills of a musician.

With these ideas in mind, Crescendo will create a rhythm/music game for the PC. The game will require players to match rhythms in time with music and will reward players for playing in harmony with one another. This game will be played with custom instruments that will look like their real counterparts while greatly simplifying their use. The goal is to deliver to Smilegate a concrete, finished product and documentation of the research we’ve done explaining how we came to our design decisions.

For this project, I am the producer. This is a huge learning experience for me. I've never managed anything remotely as complicated as a 3 month game development cycle. I'm finding I have to think about the project in an entirely different way than before. As a producer, it isn't my job to weigh in on design, but merely to facilitate my team working as best as they can. As a person who loves to make art, it can be frustrating. But, I hope that the lessons I learn this semester will be useful to me down the road in my career as a 3D artist. Character Modeling is still very much my passion.

My team with our client, Smilegate.

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