Thursday, September 16, 2010


Woah. Its been a while. After a summer of adventuring and traveling I'm back at work in grad school. I'm attending the Entertainment Technology Center at Carnegie Mellon University. Its crazy awesome but a ton of work. All new ETC students have to take a class called Building Virtual Worlds. The course stresses collaboration, adaptability, and working quickly. Project teams of 4 or 5 students work for two weeks developing a virtual world, game, or experience in Panda 3D.

In Round 0, modelers are asked to model and animate a lunchbox and a dragon. The dragon can only be 1500 polygons. Check out the final animation. I smoothed the dragon so it looked a bit nicer in the video.

In Round 1, student were put into teams with one 3D artist, one texture artist, one sound designer, and one programmer. Each team was asked to make a short virtual reality experience using either a Head Mounted Display or the Playmotion platform in which the guest helps another character who is afraid. My team was assigned to the Head Mounted display and decided to have the guest perform the role of a getaway driver. It didn't turn out as well as we'd imagined but so it goes. Take a look.


  1. oh man, that dragon is way sweet. It looks like you're doing pretty good man!

  2. you wouldn't believe all the trouble i had getting that dragon into the game engine. I had to rebuild the entire rig and copy all the weights and animation over because the engine is so finicky about bone animation. I still don't know exactly what caused the problem.